Web Designer. Graphic Designer.
I am a senior Visual Communication Design - Interactive Web Design student at Cedarville University. I have minors in Graphic Design and Bible. I have been working in a web development position for about 2 years and been involved in projects dealing with best practices, SEO, web analytics, WCAG, and client relations. 
Apart from coding, repos, and other development processes, I am also trained in web design and graphic design. I have a growing obsession with UX and am planning to pursue a graduate degree to expand on what I have learned about User Testing, Affinity Diagramming, and creating personality profiles. To me, there is such a joy in being able to speak intelligently to programmers and designers, but keeping the focus on the user. I am an empathy enthusiast and believe that we should design not only for ease of use in products, but also for healthy mental and physical lifestyles. 
Who am I outside of design?
My primary joys are being a Christ-follower and a wife to my amazing husband. Jesus is my savior and the one who shows me through everyday. Josiah and I got married just in time to head into our senior year of our undergrad programs and despite that sounding wild to a lot of folks, being married in college is super awesome. Best. Roommate. Ever. 
I grew up in the Dayton area of Ohio playing in the rural hills and creeks. I love to hike, camp, ride 4-wheelers, and basically anything that involves outside. I grew up playing music and being involved in theatre. Some of my favorite memories are singing and tap-dancing in theatrical performances! I have always had a burning desire to understand the way people think and discover the ways it affects their lives. I have studied world-views since I was 13 and have always been challenged, in a good way, to self-evaluate my own thinking habits when learning from others who live completely different than me. This driving passion to understand the human mind paired with technological advancements gets me excited about the work that is waiting to be done!
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